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The LifeWatch Italy Help Desk is at your disposal to support you in the use of our platforms and services. 
The LifeWatch Italy Help Desk applies a ticket system to address all support requests.
A unique number is assigned to each request, and you can refer to it to track its progress.
Check our knowledge base to see if the issue you wish to raise has already been addressed. All topics are listed on the left-hand side column; select one to see the list of items associated with it. A search field is at your disposal to easily query the knowledge base.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, you can open a new ticket. Please note that a valid e-mail address is required.



The Directory of Scientific Skills page allows you to filter through dozens of specific scientific skills, so you can narrow down community members and connect with those working in the field that interests you. It also permits LifeWatch Italy to…

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Working Groups allow you to interact more readily with colleagues and even strangers working on the same topics as you. Within Working Groups, you can upload useful resources to the repository, begin discussions on the forum, share an internal…

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Yes! Not only can you browse resources and opportunities such as fellowships, calls and grants, you can also create and join working groups where you can network and hold discussions with other scientists working on similar topics. You can also…

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On the Community Platform you can easily find targeted opportunities or like-minded individuals working in the field of biodiversity and ecosystem research. You can join and create specific working groups where you can network and find resources…

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The LifeWatch Italy Community Platform is an interactive space for collaborative working and networking. Whether you provide training opportunities, communicate LifeWatch activities, develop LifeWatch ICT tools for researchers, or if you are a…

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