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The LifeWatch Italy Help Desk is at your disposal to support you in the use of our platforms and services. 
The LifeWatch Italy Help Desk applies a ticket system to address all support requests.
A unique number is assigned to each request, and you can refer to it to track its progress.
Check our knowledge base to see if the issue you wish to raise has already been addressed. All topics are listed on the left-hand side column; select one to see the list of items associated with it. A search field is at your disposal to easily query the knowledge base.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, you can open a new ticket. Please note that a valid e-mail address is required.



The LifeWatch Italy Community Platform has been designed as a place where members of LifeWatch Italy and the members of the scientific community in general can come together and interact more easily, advertising and discovering opportunities…

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To sign up to the Community, click on the white Login button in the top right-hand corner. Once this page has loaded, click on the words Don’t have an account? Register with us to be taken to a page where you can provide your name, username,…

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The Conferences page is where we highlight the most defining events organised and hosted by LifeWatch Italy during its lifetime, such as key meetings, workshops and training courses. You will be given the option to visit the minisite of each…

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On the Events page, LifeWatch Italy staff regularly post events of interest to the Community. Externals can also post events on the Board of Opportunities page.

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The Calls page is where we post opportunities within LifeWatch Italy:  Projects, Positions, Access, Tenders & Procurements. You can filter by category to specifically find the calls that interest you.


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