Once your group has been approved, if your group is set to private or secret, you as the group administrator will have to approve other Community members’ requests to join. To personalise your Group Settings, you must head to your profile, which can always be found in the top right-hand corner when you are logged in. Once on your profile, look for the section in the left-hand menu called Group Settings and select Manage Groups and the group you would like to edit. Once on the Manage Groups page, there are a series of settings you can adjust to your liking, such as the Profile and Cover image of the group. Under Settings, you can change the Group Name, Group Type and Group Description. To invite Community members to join your group, click on Invite Members and select the desired members before clicking Send Invite. Click on Activity Type to activate the desired functionalities for your group; among the group functionalities fostering your interaction with other group members are the calendar, repository, forum, blog, wiki, polls, brainstorming and conference calls. Remember to click on Save Changes after selecting your desired functionalities. Finally, you have the option to Delete your group.